Hey Teachers!

Ranger Vision offers a fun way to get your students outdoors, learning about and helping map biodiversity.

Enrol your students in the app, then get them outdoors with mobile devices to take photos of wildlife (insects, birds, reptiles - pretty much whatever life forms they can find outdoors).

Using the "teacher's dashboard," your can then track and approve the incoming "sightings." Once you've approved the sightings, your students can classify their fellow students' sightings in the app's "Laboratory."

Ranger Vision can then share your students' sightings with the national and global biodiversity databases for the purpose of environmental research and conservation. 

It's great way to get your students engaging directly with nature, while contributing to scientific research and teaching them the fundamentals of biological classification, taxonomy, and the scientific method. 


1. Register your class at http://ranger.vision/register
During registration, you’ll assign login nicknames for your students. (For privacy reasons, please do not use real names).  

2. You’ll also need mobile devices with the Ranger Vision app installed to distribute to your students so they can record photos of wildlife.

Get Started With Ranger VisioN (Beta)

This free Ranger Vision app is a great tool for all levels of students. Students collect wildlife data and teachers have the option to share the data with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, for environmental research and conservation. It offers a simple teacher's dashboard for tracking student activity.

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